Bondedreng & Tjenestekarl - Villy Holtet Nielsen.

Efter Rejsningen af Mindestenen i 1950 skete ikke mere før i Begyndelsen af Marts 2007.
Da fremkom i Horsens Folkeblad denne Artikel paa Foranledning af Hr. Ian A. Baker, Middlesbrough, England, som viste sig at være et Barnebarn til Luftskytte Leslie Turner.
On the trail of a planecrash:
British family on the way to Denmark and Vrønding.
By Chr. Rimestad

VRØNDING: A dramatic piece of Danish history will come to light, when British Ian A. Baker and his family visits Denmark, Horsens and Vrønding on the 16th - 19th of March.
On the night of the 28th - 29th April 1943 an allied bomber was shot down by a German fighter and crashed near "Kjærgård" in Vrønding.
Five killed
Five crewmembers were killed, while two survived, were caught and handed over to the German commander.
One was Leslie Turner, reargunner on the bomber and grandfather of Ian A. Baker.
To honour their father and grandfathers memory the family travels to Denmark, and will visit the spot where the plane crashed, and also Fovrfeld Cemetery near Esbjerg, where his fellow officers were buried.
In view of the journey Ian A. Baker would like to get in contact with anyone, who can remember anything from the time of the crash.
Hid in a barn
The events of that memorable April night are well documentet thanks to senior grocer, 80-year old Ole Kraul from Horsens, who has spent a great deal of hours looking into the history of all the allied planes that crashed over Denmark from 1940-45. The information has been transferred to the internet on, a site that collects info on both German and allied planes.
The British plane a four engine Short Stirling BF447, was on its way home from a bombing raid, when it was attacked by a German fighter, and shot down.
Leslie Turner and engineer Walter Lowery managed to jump the plane using the parashute.
Was arrested
Turner landed near Kørup, where he hid on a farm. When the occupants discovered him on the hayloft, they alarmed the police. Walter Lowery landed near "Bisgård" and managed to hide until the 14th of April. He was stolling down Vestergade in Horsens when he was recognised and arrested.
Hopes to learn more
Ian Baker was still a baby, when his grandfather died. The last few years he has researched into his grandfathers exploits during the war, and by visiting Denmark he hopes to be able to finish this part of the family history.
The website about the allied pilots has already given him much information, and he hopes to learn a lot more from Ole Kraul.
Where was it ?
But others may also hold some information.
Ian Baker would really love to know which farm his grandfather was hiding on, until he was arrested.
Ian Baker can be contacted directly on e-mail: or contact Chr. Rimestad, reporter on this newspaper, phone 76272043 or on